Cork oak extract is at the heart of Birkenstock Natural Skin Care. As with the original BIRKENSTOCK -shoe- footbed, it is the principal raw material of the product range.
For over 240 years, cork has been an indispensable material in the original Birkenstock insole. However, its beauty benefits were only discovered recently by scientists in the cosmetics industry: This natural extract, obtained from the outer layers of cork oak, possesses highly effective anti-aging properties.

Suberin has a role of utmost importance: (as with expanded cork agglomerate) its special net surface structure gives the cork distinct elasticity and has a clear lifting effect in products. The multi-active cork oak complex that was developed as a result reduces skin redness, stimulates collagen formation and is effective against free radicals.
The formula developed on the basis of Birkenstock Natural Skin Care's research results contains carefully selected natural ingredients such as arctic moss, aloe vera, argan oil, avocado, baobab, calendula, cranberry, ginkgo, green coffee, moringa, ginger, jojoba, macadamia, mint, elderberry, grape and botanical hyaluron, alongside cork oak extract containing suberin.