We decided to start the #corkhunter, with a project we have been following for some time and that represent everything we want to share here.

Founded by Cédric Etienne, interior architect and Klas Dalquist art director, studio corkinho is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. Cedric and Klaus discovered cork 4/5 years ago and simply fell in love. From that moment, they decided to give a different approach to this material and use it to express their own contemporary vision.

They are currently developing their own type of cork agglomerate, made from compressed burned cork bark and are using it to create temporary architecture installations and home design pieces.

This project can be seen in Porto, at the Earlymade store - Rua do Rosário, 235 in the ambit of Bombarda Simultaneous Vernissages.

Birth Collection


Mother Collection