Is a trademark technology developed by TINTEX, a leading textile company, focused in combining an environmental-driven approach with cutting edge technologies.

The B.CORK technology was created and developed through a unique process that can be applied to both knit and woven fabrics, giving them advanced technical and aesthetics proprieties, such as elasticity or water repellence with a minimum environmental impact. B.CORK, uses a water based, formaldehyde and solvent free coating combined with, pre-consumed cork stoppers from the certified producer SEDACOR.

The incorporation of pre-consumed cork directly into the fabric, gives it unique natural and soft touch and promote in the best way, a new type of circular economy in the industry.

We believe that this fabric opens a new perspective in what can be the future use of natural cork in textiles, and a vision of what can be done when we combine natural materials with advance technics, the all 100% made in Portugal.