The expanded cork agglomerate is made through a process of agglutination of granules of virgin cork, (mostly from the pruning of oak trees) and which has a higher concentration of extractive content which act as a natural adhesive. It is achieved with an industrial process without the use of additives and it is 100% natural.
After the granulation and cleaning processes, the agglomeration of the cork is carried out using a steam boiler with super-heated water vapor, at a temperature between 300ºC - 370ºC. The agglomeration of the granules is achieved through the resins of the cork itself - (the suberin) that works as a natural binder.


Thus, we obtain blocks that are then cut to be used mostly as thermal and/or acoustic insulation. 
However, in the last years, this 100% ecological and recyclable raw material has raised the interest of some designers, to create pieces of furniture and small interior design objects.
We also decided to use it in the composition of our custom furniture line and we will continue to promote its use in other creative areas.

cork coasters

cork bowls