The world's first electric guitar made of cork, was developed in Viana do Castelo by the designer João Rodrigues, whom we had the opportunity to meet at the end of 2019. – We trully believe that this is the perfect product to re-launch the #corkhunter on a more regular basis.

The main material for the creation of this guitar is expanded cork, which is made from reused natural cork (such as cork stoppers), and is normally used as a coating and thermal insulation in buildings. The remaining 25% of this unique guitar, are reclaimed wood used for the arm and the center of the body, resulting in a lighter and more ecological instrument.

Currently the designer/musician is already developing a new guitar while improving the craft of this  beautiful first model. Another novelty expected for 2020 is a carrying case for the instrument, made from natural cork boards (90%) and wood that will give a reliable and light structure. All the wood used on the guitar or in the carrying case, is recycled. “It's a fun process, going to the carpentry and never knowing what we're going to find, it's almost like a chef who goes every day to the market and prepares his dishes with fresh, seasonal products.”

Thus, all products created by João have a stylish design, a minimal footprint, a strong Portuguese trait, and a unique perspective on how to use cork.