In a post-pandemic planet, nature is the ultimate inspiration.

Architects design complex self-regulated systems rather than static constructions, farmers produce food and non-food crops in a regenerative way where animals, plants and soils co-evolve together, and brands are focused on innovative circular solutions that merge nature grown and bio-industrial materials to create a new type of ecology.

At nº 336 on Rua de Cedofeita, you can find the SOBRI LAB, a temporary shop (from August to October 2021) where you can get a microscopic view of the past, present and especially the future uses of cork in the creation of natural, recyclable and/or biodegradable design pieces.

The SOBRI LAB, represents our vision of a more circular economy based on the natural properties of cork, combined with the craftsmanship and innovative material science developed from Portugal.
Find out the prototypes and testes we did, shop exclusive pieces and help us on our research with your feedback.


SOBRI LAB. Pop-Up Store

SOBRI LAB. Pop-Up Store