Founded in 2018 by Cristiana and David, SOBRI is an independent brand based in Porto, Portugal.
Our main goal is to impact the notion of what it means to be sustainable, in a society of unsustainable actions, through one of the most extraordinary natural raw materials, cork - which can be experienced in many ways.

SOBRI operates in three areas (product development, accommodation, and events) to create a resilient business with a positive local impact, that do not depend on collections or seasonality.

We believe that sustainability is not just about choosing the right materials, but about a broader vision that includes the local community, the carbon footprint of the entire value chain and the appreciation of the know-how available in Portugal. Therefore, we work to combine cork with other organic materials, manual production, technological innovation, and design, to create in the most responsible way possible, timeless and genderless products, with superior quality and durability.